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Man and the Lift

One man was living in the ninth story of an apartment. In the morning he uses his apartment lift, goes down, takes his car and reaches his office. In the evening he uses the same lift only up to the fifth floor and reaches his apartment using the stair case.

Why ?

Clues :

1. Sorry, not for exercise

2. He is not having any friends there in the fifth floor

3. No shopping in the fifth floor

4. No illegal activity

Dead man on a plain ground

One man was lying dead on a plain ground. He was having a big bag on his back. His face was facing the ground. Who is he ? How he died ?

Clues :

1. The death is not natural

2. He is not having any enemies

3. He was not killed by any body

Weighing scale

There are nine steel balls and one weighing scale. Out of the nine balls only one ball is weighing different from others. There is a weighing scale. You can make use of the weighing scale to find the odd ball out. More over you have to tell whether the odd ball is heavier and lighter compared to other balls. The difficult part is that the weighing scale is not provided with any measuring weights. Another difficult part is that you are allowed to use the scale only for 3 times.

How will you find out ?

Arabian riddle

Long long ago there was an arabian friend living in a desert. He was having 17 camels and blessed with three sons. On his last days he called all his sons and gifted the camels to them. He requested them to share those camels peacefully as per his will and live happily. After his death, the sons opened the will and checked the contents. The will goes like this " The first son will get half of the camels. The second son will get one third of the camels and the third one will get one ninth of the camels." They got confused and approached a scholar to solve the problem. They got the answer.

Will you find out how this riddle was solved ?