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I love computers a lot. There are many eye openers in the field. I will share my experience with all my friends on the net. There are abundant utilities and resources available on the Internet. You can even say nothing is impossible if you know how to browse the Internet. Visit these links on the internet and benefit yourself.

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Anti-virus Utilities

At the dawn of new millenium, we may be havingthe much faster processor but the threat is coming from the other sector, the unrecognised computer sluthes. In their pursuit to be in the centre of attraction, they develop harmful software called Computer Viruses to make the computer world panicky. However there are companies which can give comfort to the Computer users. I adore one such utility from M/s Mcafee from Network Associates. Their site is having an on-line virus cleaning utility which can be used to clean your PC from their server, leaving the headache of frequent updating of virus data files to keep the AV program up to date. Please visit their site and get the benefit. Ofcourse, this utility is not free of charge from September 99. Please note that this utility work well with IE than other browsers.

Visit Mcafee site
Visit Mcafee web site now.

In case if you want to have offline AV program on your PC visit M/s Computers Associates web site for free down load of a personal edition of Innoculate IT.

Visit Computer Associates
Visit CAI home page now.

HTML & Web Page designing

Though I know very little about HTML I got the confidence about developing a web site on my own from the resources offered on the Internet. There are lot of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editors which provided me the necessary help in achieving my dream come true. I have given all these links here for you to benefit from.

Out of all editors, I love Splash HTML editor.There is a trial version available from this site. Really a cool product. Try..

Visit Splash Web Author
Visit Splash web site now.

Visual Page is another web authoring tool released by Symantec. There is a trial version available from this site. Adding a background music is not that easy compared to Splash. Except that both are good products. Try Visual Page at

Visit Symantec
Visit Symantec web site now.
Clip Art & Java applets

It is always necessary to add images and applets in a web site to add flavour. I used lot of images and applets from the following sites. If you want to add nice images visit Art today for free down loads.

Visit Art Today
Visit Art today web site now.

  Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. Visit Anfy Java web site now.

Get the latest browsers from here:

Internet Explorer 5

Get the latest IE 5.0 here
Netscape Communicator

Get the latest netscape communicator here

Multimedia Players

Get the latest multimedia players from here:

Windows Media Player

Get the latest Windows Media Player here
Real Player 5

Get the Real Player 5 here
Music Match box (MP3 recording)

Have you ever felt the necessity of recording your favourite music from CD into MP3 format which could be stored in your PC and run from the hard disk. There is a utility which could do the same for you ! Ofcourse this is free !

Get your Music Match box from here


Voice E-Mails

The latest revolution in the area of communication is voice mails. There are two utilities available free in the field. One software is developed by M/s Qualcomm, the designers of Eudora mail and another one is from M/s Sonic Mail. Both these softwares are slightly different in their functions.

Pure voice from Eudora......................

This is a nice utility which could be used to send audio files as an attachment to the regular mails. The user at the other end shall also possess this software because the format ( in which the voice is recorded ) is unique to Pure Voice. You can prepare your regular message and send the voice files along with the mail an audio attachment.

Get the Pure Voice from here..............

Sonic Mail

This is another voice mail utility which is different from the above. This utility is not having the facility to type any normal message. In other words, this is a pure voice mail. This will ask you to record the message and send this audio message to your intended recepient at the other end. The greatness of the software is that this uses the format of Real Player. Hence to read hear your message your intended recepient shall only have real Player installed on his PC which is free. However if he wants to reply to you in the same way, he has to install Sonic Mail program in his PC.

Down load Sonic Mail from here...........


Chat on LAN

In the ever expanding information era, the communication plays a vital role. One such utility is a simple chat program which could run on a Local Area Networks (LAN). This is a novel and very useful utility. This is definitely going to add one more dimension to the existing communication setup in any office. This program has got instant pop ups, alert messages and remote file operation. I enjoyed this utility very much and who ever seen this utility really appreciated. Why dont you try this ?. Ofcourse this is free (Version 1.01)

Get the chat program from here............

Advanced web page developments

If you are a web page developer, you need to have more resources to make your web page more dynamic and attractive. I listed my favourite locations below. Visit them to get the necessary assitance

EarthWeb/IT Knowledge


If you want java scripts visit my favourite place

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